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Asian American founders

We are founders, executives and industry leaders who invest in innovative companies at all stages.

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Our Mission

Hyphen Capital backs Asian American entrepreneurs who traditionally have been raised to play it safe. These founders are tired of taking the worn down path that was planned out for them and jumping through hoops. They are no longer content with being limited by the bamboo ceiling and instead are ready to build their own houses.

We are looking to write one of the first checks to support these builders to start on their journey, because early stage capital is often the most critical and life-changing funding they will ever receive. We don't need a lead investor, because we believe in the founders and have conviction in the work they are doing. When Hyphen invests you get more than capital, you get access to a network of fellow founders, corporate executives, lawyers and professionals who have extensive experience, insight and access to help our portfolio companies succeed.

Our Companies

Our Investors

Hyphen Capital was founded and led by Dave Lu. Dave is a Silicon Valley veteran and started his career in tech at Yahoo! in the late 90s. He sat around the corner from Jerry Yang, an entrepreneurial inspiration for many Asian Americans including himself. He went on to work at other iconic technology companies including Apple, eBay and Cisco before starting his first company Fanpop in 2005. After growing the company to 40 million unique users, he went on to start his second company Pared. Pared is a labor marketplace for the restaurant industry and has been featured in The New York Times, Bloomberg and The Washington Post.

Dave is a proud Taiwanese American and has always been passionate about Asian American issues. Most recently, he led
the effort to take a stand
against the rise in Asian hate crimes by publishing an open letter in the Wall Street Journal and rallying thousands of leaders to sign in support including President George Bush, Andre Iguodala, and CEOs of Google, LinkedIn, Foot Locker and hundreds of others. Dave sensed a lack of community for founders of East Asian descent and started Asian American Founders Circle in 2011. Inspired by his fellow founders, he wanted to do more for the next generation and pay it forward by investing in them. Thus Hyphen Capital was born.

The Hyphen Network

We've brought together a community of the most successful Asian American startup founders and corporate executives in the world to invest in the next generation.